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Being A GP - Primary School Activity Resources

Welcome to our Being A GP interactive resource for Primary School Pupils.

Produced by Health Education England (HEE), the Royal College of General Practicioners (RCGP) and the University of Leeds, this resources has been designed to introduce Primary aged pupils to the work of General Practitioners, commonly known as GPs.

In this resource, you will find;

  • An introductory video, introducing pupils to the resource and the role of GPs
  • An interactive activity book, with 20 activities and accompanying video guides
  • A facilitator guide to be used by teachers and healthcare professionals delivering this resource to young people

Being a GP

In this short video, Dr Adam and Dr Bernie talk about their lives as GPs and introduce our Activity Book.

Activity Book

Our Primary Activity Book contains 20 activities, which will help pupils learn about the work of GPs, as well as develop their Science, English and Maths skills. You could work through these as part of a lesson, or set them for homework.

The workbook can be download and completed online, or printed as a booklet and completed in person.

Click the link below to download our Being a GP Activity Book.

Activity Book

Click here to download the Being a GP Activity Book.

Activity Videos

For each of the activities in our workbook, there is a helpful video that introduces the activity and how to approach the task.

Use the links below to explore each of the activities. These can also be found on our YouTube playlist here.

Activity 1 - Hidden Picture

Activity 2 - Healthy Food

Activity 3 - Spot the Difference

Activity 4 - Keeping Healthy

Activity 5 - Health Promotion

Activity 6 - Find the Way

Activity 7 - Hidden Picture

Activity 8 - How Many Words

Activity 9 - Code Breaker

Activity 10 - Dr Adam and His Patients

Activity 11 - Fill in the Gaps

Activity 12 - Hidden Picture

Activity 13 - Amazing Body Facts

Activity 14 - Match the Word

Activity 15 - Hidden Picture

Activity 16 - Medicine Calculations

Activity 17 - Who's Who?

Activity 18 - The Digestive System

Activity 19 - Keeping Fit

Activity 20 - Hidden Picture

Facilitator Guide

Our helpful facilitator guide has been designed for use by teachers, teaching assistants, parents and carers, as well as NHS professionals who may be working with pupils interested in finding out more about GPs and what they do.

The various activities will help pupils develop their Science, English and Maths skills.

Download our facilitator guide below, which provides answers to the tasks and activities, as well as helpful additional notes, including additional stretch tasks.

Facilitator Guide

Click here to download a copy of the Facilitator Guide