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Post-16 activities

Our Post-16 activities will help your students learn about careers in Medicine and Health, and support them through the application process and with transitioning into higher education.

We offer both activities that can be booked for groups of students, and opportunities that students can sign up to individually. Explore the various opportunities below.

Opportunities for school groups

Talks and workshops

Our talks and workshops are the perfect opportunity to support your students in applying to a Medicine and Health course at University

Health and Social Care Taster Days

Our Health and Social Care taster days introduce students to the wide range of careers in healthcare and how to get there

Opportunities for individual students

Leeds Futures

Our national outreach programme gives Year 12 students the opportunity to learn more about a subject area they are interested in pursuing at university, whilst developing their study skills and careers awareness.

Taster days

Our taster days give your students an insight into life studying a medicine and health course at university, allowing them to visit the University independently


We offer a range of online workshops and webinars for post-16 students to help support them with choosing and applying to health courses at university.