11-16 Activities

Taster Days

We run a number of taster days for Years 9 and 10 throughout the year. For 2019 / 20, these days will explore healthcare roles around specific themes that link to the school curriculum.

More information about our taster days can be found in our outreach programme. For details of upcoming events, please check our events page.

11-16 Programme: Starting Your Health Career

Our “Starting Your Health Career” programme is a programme of sustained engagement throughout Years 7 – 11. The programme takes place in your school, and gives students access to a wide range of workshops that cover the breadth of skills and knowledge needed to pursue a medicine and health career. Run at your school as an after-school club by current medical students and students from other health courses, the six week programme (ran each academic year) culminates with a trip to the University of Leeds campus to round off the half term’s learning. Students will discover a wide range of careers and provides information so that they will be fully informed of the options available to them come 6th form and beyond.

The overall outcomes of this program are to:

  • Raise awareness of progression routes to higher education
  • Raise aspirations to studying a health course at university
  • Develop key skills including communication, team work and problem solving

Detailed outcomes for each year of the programme are available on request.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to join the programme, the majority of students taking part must fulfil at least one of these criteria, in addition to being interested in pursuing a career in medicine and health:

  • Are a school in the West Yorkshire region
  • Are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding and/or Free School Meals
  • Are from a household with an annual income of £25,000 or below
  • Will be in the first generation of their family to attend University
  • Attend a school achieving below average GCSE grades (based on Attainment 8 score)
  • Live in a geographical area with low progression to higher education (see our online postcode checker)
  • Live in or have grown up in public care

To apply to be part of our 11-16 sustained outreach programme, please register your interest here.

To inquire about joining our 11-16 programme or booking one of our ad-hoc roadshows, please contact us.