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The Yorkshire Dental Schools Summer School - A DSC Summer Schools Programme

DSC Summer Schools are a Dental Schools Council initiative in partnership with dental schools across England. The initiative is funded by NHS England. 

The Yorkshire Dental Schools Online Summer School is a collaboration between the Dental Schools of the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield. 

Running across three days, Tuesday 25th - Thursday 27th June 2024, the summer school will consist of a series of online activities to inform and prepare Y11 students for applying to Dental School. Students will also have the opportunity to attend a pre-summer school webinar and a follow-up online workshop. 

The programme is open to Year 11 students who may be interested in studying Dentistry who are from under-represented backgrounds, and targets areas of England that have limited outreach engagement with medical schools. 

What's included in the programme? 

  • Launch event, providing you with more information about the programme and applying to University 
  • Three days of activities, including skills workshops, helping you develop the skills you need to apply to Dental School 
  • Group presentation project, helping you develop your team working skills 
  • Study support, hear our top tips for making the most of your A levels and future application to university 
  • Interview skills workshop, helping you find out about the different types of interviews and the skills and attributes universities are looking for 

How is it delivered? 

Sessions will be delivered online via Zoom. University staff and students from both Leeds and Sheffield Dental Schools along with guest speakers will deliver content, with opportunities for you to interact and participate.  

Online sessions will take place during the day after your exams have finished. 

The summer school will take place from Tuesday 25th – Thursday 27th June 2024: 

  • Online sessions will take place every day from 10:00am. You will work in small groups to develop your knowledge of dentistry, culminating in a group presentation on the final day. 
  • You will be expected to join each online session unless there is a valid reason that you cannot attend.

You should speak to your teachers / tutor before signing up to ensure you are available during the Summer School week to attend all sessions, and that you can catch up on any learning you have missed during this time. 

There are a limited number of places available on the Summer School programme so we respectfully ask that you are prepared to fully commit to participation before signing up. 

What are the eligibility criteria? 

The summer school programme is open to current Year 11 students in England who have a genuine interest in studying the appropriate level 3 qualifications necessary to study Dentistry at university. We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity to students from all backgrounds, recognising that some groups are underrepresented on university courses and in certain health careers. 

Students applying to the programme must meet the following criteria: 

  • Year 11 
  • Be currently studying at a state school 
  • Be studying suitable GCSEs to study Dentistry at a selective university 
  • Able to commit to joining both the online  

Students must be: 

  • In, or been in local authority care 
  • An estranged student who is studying without the support and approval of a family network 
  • An asylum seeker or refugee 

Or meet a minimum of two of the following criteria: 

  • Studying in a state school that achieved below the national average Attainment 8 score at GCSE or had attended to the age of 16 
  • Studying in a state school that achieved below or well below the national average Progress 8 score or had attended to the age of 16 
  • From a school with a high percentage of students receiving free school meals 
  • Living in a geographical area with low levels of progression onto higher education 
  • Are a young carer 
  • From a family where the parents do not have a university degree from the UK or abroad 
  • In receipt of or eligible for free school meals or the 16-19 Bursary Fund or Discretionary Learner Support or Means Tested Benefit or Pupil Premium 

How do I apply? 

Applications for our 2024 cohort are now open, and will close on Monday 6th May at 23:59.

Please complete the application form here to apply for a place.

If you have any questions when completing your application, please email us at