Widening Participation

The University of Leeds welcomes talented students who have the potential to succeed at university regardless of their educational or personal background, offering a variety of alternative routes in to studying at the University of Leeds.

Access to Leeds

This award winning undergraduate widening access scheme at the University of Leeds allows us to identify the best possible applicants regardless of background. We understand that A-level grades alone cannot tell us everything about you and your circumstances. If you are eligible for the scheme you will receive special consideration from admissions tutors. If you complete the Access to Leeds programme and receive a course offer, you will be eligible for an Access to Leeds offer, which is typically two grades below the standard entry requirements for your course. To find out more about the scheme and to check your eligibility, click here.

Reach for Excellent Programme

The University’s Student Talent Spotting Team also offers a range of programmes aimed at raising the aspirations and achievements of gifted and talented young people. This includes the Reach for Excellence programme which provides students with access to taster sessions and support over the course of their post-16 study. To find out more information, visit their website here.